Welcome to the Murphy and Read Spring Blog!


Welcome to the Murphy and Read Spring Blog!  You can check back here for all things spring; company related updates, industry news, design tips or really anything we feel like talking about.  We also have facebook and Linkedin pages you can follow for updated news and pictures.

It has been a busy year already.  We have attended two successful Tradeshows; The Design Part II in Secaucus New Jersey, and the Atlantic Design and Manufacturing show just across the river from us at the Convention center in Philadelphia.  Both shows offered great opportunities to catch up with some of our current customers, meet some new people and get a few leads on potential suppliers.  You can check out the shows and listings at www.AtlDesignShow.com and www.d2p.com.

And a quick thanks to b2b design & development for getting this page up and running, and Arizona Designs for the design of our new show backdrop.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Murphy and Read Spring Blog!

  1. James Thomas says:

    Looking forward to future blog posts…keep em coming. Not a lot of good blogs that cover springs and this sort of stuff.

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