Happy Holidays

It has been quite a year here at Murphy and Read.  There have been many improvements, new equipment, a lot to be thankful for and a lot we would like to talk about.  But we will get to all of that next year. For now the biggest change we have had in a long while, Karl Seemuller, part of the Murphy and Read family for over 36 years and President for over 20 years, is retiring beginning in the New Year.

Karl’s attention to detail and ability to focus on a project is something that can be seen throughout Murphy and Read.  You cannot find a piece of equipment in the shop he has not sweat, bled and yelled at.  And his work ethic has rubbed off on all of us here as we value quality and craftsmanship over all else.  It is rare these days to see the president of a company so directly involved in its operations and the training of its employees.  This dedication to work is what has made us, and many other small businesses, so successful.  And it is a tradition we intend to continue.

I am sure this is not the last Murphy and Read will see of Karl.  He is often found in the shop after hours working on wooden stools for his Grandkids, machining awards and targets for his shooting club and bullets for his rifles(which is always frightening to new employees).  One thing is certain, everyone at M&R owes Karl a debt of gratitude for his long years of hard work.

Happy Holidays everyone.  See you in 2013!

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